Wednesday, March 02, 2016

holding on

I stop dreaming and start trying to live...
i stop hoping and start trying to see..
open my eyes to the world real in front of me.
i faced the storms, i faced the winds,
twisted and turned the faces on my side.
just wanted to walk on a path i know shall bring love in everyones lives.
i betrayed i demolished,
things got broken, sands became wet..
still am alive sailing through the seas
looking for an island looking for some peace
hidden somewhere in these trees is the love long gone by.
am i right am i wrong everyone seems to know,
except me who is going by.
waiting for the day when m more loved than hated,
when m more happy than sad
when people stop holding my wind while am trying to sail..
when i see happiness around me in flash of the lights...


قمم التميز said...
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swinkakloska said...

great !

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John said...

Nice thoughts of a better future.

John said...

Nice thoughts of a better future.

Pretz Lee said...

Hi, are you still writing? I thought I'm the only one feeling these things.. until I found your blog. It's nice to read how a person feels.

Unknown said...

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