Monday, October 22, 2012


This flowing water, Tells me to stop,
take a moment of breath and flow just along.
my confidence shaking up, i am scared to jump n dive,
can i let go of all the beliefs i had till now bind.

i can just stop thinking & trust its song,
so beautiful as it sounds,
like a simplified yet strong.

i need a moment but there is no time,
once it get shallow i might not even drown.
should i put on my googles or should the salt wash down my eyes,
should i take a moment to stand n decide.

its all so confusing, its all full of speed.
maybe that what i need, to be washed down a stream.
i see some happy people, or are they crying,
you can find out when you have salt in your eyes.

this is just a water dont think so hard,
you need to just drown to lift the world higher.


desperado said...

well you have just risen i guess :)

tanu said...

@desperado: yes, for a short while....glad you still read my blog :D

desperado said...

ahh well you take your time will have to say :)

Anonymous said...

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