Monday, October 22, 2012


This flowing water, Tells me to stop,
take a moment of breath and flow just along.
my confidence shaking up, i am scared to jump n dive,
can i let go of all the beliefs i had till now bind.

i can just stop thinking & trust its song,
so beautiful as it sounds,
like a simplified yet strong.

i need a moment but there is no time,
once it get shallow i might not even drown.
should i put on my googles or should the salt wash down my eyes,
should i take a moment to stand n decide.

its all so confusing, its all full of speed.
maybe that what i need, to be washed down a stream.
i see some happy people, or are they crying,
you can find out when you have salt in your eyes.

this is just a water dont think so hard,
you need to just drown to lift the world higher.

softness of souls

Sometimes When i close my eyes,
i can just dream about my plight.
you came so close, you went so far,
was it so easy to tear the tears apart.
I still smile with your eyes,
i still cry with my soul.
you stay so far and so close.

I forgive you for staying in my heart,
forever and ever we can be apart.
were you so real or were my eyes just close,
who was it that broke me when when i was alone.

i want to have those moments ,
i want to live it back,
the ones i had or the ones i dreamed.
this is the illusion i can never be able to solve.
those love were the love i once never had.

i slowly open my eyes, & this ground touch my feet,
until then i never knew it was a rocky weed.
my memories are fainted, my dreams are glmooy,
i want back the life i had once in my hand.

when i smile today at my love,
i gain back those stars,
which once i though, have lost their charm.
life goes on, or it never belongs,
this soul is just a piece of ash flying along.