Tuesday, June 28, 2011

life sees drifting apart,
feelings seem fading the hearts,
i will hold u tight until this storm subsides,
may this sand slipping from feet rise and shine....

i gave u my heart to keep with care,
not to share with strangers scare.....
ur love seems to be blurred, your care looks small,
where u walking to my darling ,
is not the island we found.
you come back to me , i will keep waiting,
only until my senses goes in raining.
you had my trust you have it now.


desperado said...

It just reminded me of these lines by Prof. Waseem Barelv

Yeh soch kar koi ehde-wafa karo hum se
hum ek waade pe umren guzaar dete hain

tanu said...

@desperado: kya baat keh di bas ek he sentence mei...thanks for such an awsome comment!

Girl with a silver pen said...

maintaining trust is difficult, they say....but to keep trusting unconditionally is a strength that can be achieved only through unbeatable love.

Beautiful poem.

tanu said...

@Girl with silver pen: thanks a ton! And rightly said, although when sometimes love beats you even trust join its hands!

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