Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes these feeling become short of my words,
Sometimes my hand just slips from yours,
When u smile at me, I am sometimes looking in the sky
sometimes u call me but I don´t hear your voice...
but everything becomes fine after a while...
When I look in your eyes, give you a smile...
hold your hand walkover those sometimes.

Sometimes you wonder whats troubling me,
sometimes you see me cry and wonder why..
sometimes you catch me wandering alone for a while..
but when you take me in your arms,
everything falls into place again for a lifetime.

these moments you see me with sometimes
are the moments i live and die sometimes...


desperado said...

back here after a long time. And the words are fresh as ever

tanu said...

woww...many thnks Desperado!! you boosted my confidence really :)Where did your blog disappeared??

desperado said...

well just went behind the cloak of invite only :)
drop a line at and i'll be glad to ensure you get the key

Poorna S G said...

Came across your blog when I clicked 'next blog' in my blog.
And I liked the usage of your words.
That was really a cute and kind of sensitive poem.

tanu said...

@Poorna: Thankyou so much :)

hapi said...

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