Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sands of time flowing from my hands,
I see in your eyes our love divine,
Will this love also vanish or keep shining like this sun
Sometimes i wonder when everything will be just sand under this sun.

Monday, September 05, 2011

I still...

tears flow down from these eyes,
see you taking a far off ride,
you made me laugh you made me cry,
you made me into a fragile piece of glass but dry
when you held me in your arms,
things were so right,
we used to laugh and fight everything but shy,
now when you are too close to me,
even a hard touch from you,
shatter me into many peices,
hard to gather by.
I still smile for you,
hoping of the hopes to be in your arms again,
shouting the word love loud enough for my heart to hear,
give me some strength that i can stand for you,
you can see me all smile everything except cry.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

life sees drifting apart,
feelings seem fading the hearts,
i will hold u tight until this storm subsides,
may this sand slipping from feet rise and shine....

i gave u my heart to keep with care,
not to share with strangers scare.....
ur love seems to be blurred, your care looks small,
where u walking to my darling ,
is not the island we found.
you come back to me , i will keep waiting,
only until my senses goes in raining.
you had my trust you have it now.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes these feeling become short of my words,
Sometimes my hand just slips from yours,
When u smile at me, I am sometimes looking in the sky
sometimes u call me but I don´t hear your voice...
but everything becomes fine after a while...
When I look in your eyes, give you a smile...
hold your hand walkover those sometimes.

Sometimes you wonder whats troubling me,
sometimes you see me cry and wonder why..
sometimes you catch me wandering alone for a while..
but when you take me in your arms,
everything falls into place again for a lifetime.

these moments you see me with sometimes
are the moments i live and die sometimes...