Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Dream

A house on a beach,
would be a dream to see
will hold our hands and walk on the sands,
sit on the rocks and watch those waves run.

Each day we can sing our songs,
and water will applaud,
and sands smile and show their charm.

Little by little water shall rise,
from our toes to our feet to our hands it reaches,
our faces would glow,our eyes would glitter,
with the coldness of water
our hearts get closer together.

When we step on floor each morning,
sands would welcome the day with shine so charming,
you see in my eyes the urge to splash the sea,
float ourselves into lovely endless beach.

The evenings would be not just calm,
with the waves slowly melting hard times,
your hand in mine would be my only possession.
While we watch the endless love of water and the sand.