Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To my Dear Diary....

Dear Diary,

Thanks for being by my side. This is for you .....

at the times of misery , betrayl and distress,
its only my diary who stays as my friend.
i hue and cry, wet you with my tears,
i smash your pages with anger and fear.

at the times when am happy, glad with joy,
i forget you in my drawer,leave you alone wet in my shower.
i jump out of sucess,i rhyme with other songs,
i dont think that u might be lonely waiting to be in my arms.

at the times when am hurt by the loved ones of my life,
you call me so sweetly and stay close by my side.
i tell you half of my stories full of pain and compalints,
still you dear diary you dont walk away.

at the times i dont see you for days together,
my life feels happy but i know its incomplete.
my loved ones dont like you because you are my only trust,
dont worry my diary i owe you my life.