Friday, February 05, 2010

you left me behind, walked off like you were never mine,
you shrugged ur shoulders , swiped your things,
you never knew my darling, how heart broken i am being.
things which dont matter to you , pinch deep inside my heart,
i wish you can understand how lonely am into peices apart.

i wish....

i wish i could have a eraser to vanish evils out of my life,
i wish i had few pencils to draw out people whom i miss,
i wish i carried nice colors to fill my sad moods,
i wish i commanded winds to dry off my tears,
i wish there was a time everyday full of cheers.

life becomes so complex everythng gets tangaled up,
i wish i could just not care at the problems with no fear,
everyone asks so many questions, people carry so much ego,
i wish i could still get my sleep like my heart is crystal clear.
sometimes you fight with me and leave me alone,
i wish i could forget the hurt and get you back in arms my dear.