Sunday, December 27, 2009

Few words From my heart.

Life can blow even while u sailing smooth,
It can hit you hard even if u cover up in shell,
Things can become dramatic in between sudden romance,
Without u knowing your heart can be torn pieces by any chance!

You keep on planning ur life ahead,
But what may come to you my dear mite be oceans apart!
I took so many steps to cover up these roads,
When I Hit the rock I relaised my only eyes were also closed.
Running swiftly doing chores carrying my loads,
I was walking towards my destination but reached to the start!
Can someone tell me what i have sown,
Is it this dreadness or my life that seems miles apart!
After living so many years God made me realize,
what i carry in hands is not my life but just the sand!


Tanushree Pillai said...


Just landed up here while I was on the search of some blogs and bloggers. You have a wondreful collection of Poems. Keep up the good work.

Do visit my blog

Arbit Admin said...

I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now. Good work!!

Keep blogging!!

SMR said...

That's very nice- do you do that professionally?

tanu said...

@SMR: Thanks a lot. No i am not a writer by profession.

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