Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this world is a lonely place to be in,
so many roads so many towns,
so many people so many relationships,
still it leaves scars and bruses and cuts
of broken heart and shattered dreams,
it has all which i m not in for....

city and rains, cycles,buses and trains,
still am dry with tired feet walking on and on..
festivals and celebrations, birthdays and ocassions,
but this soul is empty like it never was.
this world is a lonely place to be in
but i have no option but just to live through it...

looks like day bright with a sun,
but it feels like a desert with no one but none.
its a struggle which everyone fights,
who ever looses fights this life.
what have i sown to get all this ripen sorrow,
i look more for my share because i guess someone has just borrowed.