Monday, July 06, 2009

tears fall from heaven drowned into hell,
life has become a misery gng on all the time,
where shld i stay, tell me wheres the fray?
its so much confusion, its a total chaos,
where have i landed , it was suppose to be a hell turned in heaven
but its like everyone is everyone's prey.

blood is a fusion of thrust and pain,
parts of my body lying on street,
waiting for someone to take away these chains.
give them some life , breathe them some air,
everything will soon corrode into ashes.
then there will be my only gain.


Anonymous said...

Its good to b serious when u sit alone, when nobody can help then b sincere, u hv to take care of own.

Changes r always permanent: they shift from good to better and its half done.

Good is future: next moment starts always from Dawn.

Bad is the past: the time spent in batteling for d life is gone.

Courage wins: dream high over the new learning from the life, a seed is sawn

Leave the waste: the thoughts that kills & make us prone

Happiness is in moment: the moment of truth, must to live with all focus drawn.

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Hurry up Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Must GOD Always Bless you!

Raksha said...

Hey Tanu

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