Sunday, December 27, 2009

Few words From my heart.

Life can blow even while u sailing smooth,
It can hit you hard even if u cover up in shell,
Things can become dramatic in between sudden romance,
Without u knowing your heart can be torn pieces by any chance!

You keep on planning ur life ahead,
But what may come to you my dear mite be oceans apart!
I took so many steps to cover up these roads,
When I Hit the rock I relaised my only eyes were also closed.
Running swiftly doing chores carrying my loads,
I was walking towards my destination but reached to the start!
Can someone tell me what i have sown,
Is it this dreadness or my life that seems miles apart!
After living so many years God made me realize,
what i carry in hands is not my life but just the sand!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this world is a lonely place to be in,
so many roads so many towns,
so many people so many relationships,
still it leaves scars and bruses and cuts
of broken heart and shattered dreams,
it has all which i m not in for....

city and rains, cycles,buses and trains,
still am dry with tired feet walking on and on..
festivals and celebrations, birthdays and ocassions,
but this soul is empty like it never was.
this world is a lonely place to be in
but i have no option but just to live through it...

looks like day bright with a sun,
but it feels like a desert with no one but none.
its a struggle which everyone fights,
who ever looses fights this life.
what have i sown to get all this ripen sorrow,
i look more for my share because i guess someone has just borrowed.

Monday, July 06, 2009

tears fall from heaven drowned into hell,
life has become a misery gng on all the time,
where shld i stay, tell me wheres the fray?
its so much confusion, its a total chaos,
where have i landed , it was suppose to be a hell turned in heaven
but its like everyone is everyone's prey.

blood is a fusion of thrust and pain,
parts of my body lying on street,
waiting for someone to take away these chains.
give them some life , breathe them some air,
everything will soon corrode into ashes.
then there will be my only gain.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life without Love

every step u are walking away from me,
Is every pulse of my life you are taking away with u.

every curve of the road u following so smoothly,
Has the very speed of flight you are crushing away my heart.

Slowly your words are drifting away from me,
echoing very love you always spoke to me.

You stepping each moment to walk towards the light,
leaving behind every second full of dark sight.

Everytime you pull an umbrella in a rain,
remember my darling it will be ur love crying loud for life.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Understand me like you understand your heartbeats,
trust me like you trust your sleep,
love me like you love your creations,
and be with me like I reside in your self.