Wednesday, November 12, 2008

this is me

i never knew i would write something here instead of my poems:

i came to south and the picture became really clear.i saw unsual things here.and it makes me wonder why why why?

ppl go miles long to meet god and give them money.i find it so stupid ppl lying on grounds and offering money to a stone ... dont they realize money is man made thing...god is so supernatural power...y d hell he needs money? to buy a house or car? so that means when money wasnt invented god wasnt happy wid ppl? they offer god flowers...they kill the flower by plucking it and offer it to the person who gave birth to it... how would a mother feel if u offer her the dead body of her own child?

ppl here offer god hair! now what is it about? god is bald? he will stick hair in head? got gave it as a gift to u...will a mother like a bag of her child's hair as a gift?
for me god is our mother... i think god will be happy if instead of offering flower i plant a tree. instead of giving money in temple i give lunch to my maid's child everyday( not just for one day ). for me god will be happy if instead of going miles to visit temple and getting lost in all the pooja ceremonies when we forget actually whom are we here for , i visit a village and give poor people that money and sit in my room quitely and thank him for giving me these hands and feet so that i can help him make this world a better place not just gift gold in temple.
i would like to collect the oil used to light diya in pooja ghar everyday and give it to a labour family downstairs so they can cook a nice family dinner or maybe dinners for them.
for me god doesnt reside in a single stone kept in a temple 500 kms away. god doesnt reside in a statue covered in gold and silver kept on top of mountain, pond doesnt have god which has hot springs coming out.... god is in the air, god is in my room, god is in hands, he makes me do all the good and bad work...i can find god anywhere anytime.
everyday is good for me because everyday is gifted by god. every color is sacred for me because every color u can find in sunshine. every meal is a prashad for me and taking every breath is a pooja for me because i am confident that god is happy seeing me happy and alive.


Shama said...

Simply superb !!!
I thought and you wrote, the only difference:).

May be this scenario cannot be specific to south, cud be appropriate to India though its a little more relavant in south India.
I wish everybody understand this and broadens their sence of thinking !!!

desperado said...

after a long long time here
if only all of us thought in the same way..the country's face would have completely changed...may god keep your faith in the same vein..

oh and yeah..keep writing here more often nice to read your words

Prakrati said...

ya ya i agree to wht the crap u r taking abt i guess most of us do..
but the point of typing here is sister...

i guess u shd blog more than u did previously..

u knw why??
u have the secret agent 123 around u n he makes every day a story to talk about..

huh still u r lacking??

Sahil said...

Nice point,Very Well Written...!!

Another thing on similar note what i felt is -
In our country things which doesn't look like practical at all ended up being feasible on the name of religion & are few people who simply take advantage of these situations for there personal benefits.......

Hope people will understand your point and stop doing all these things, we need to bring the change.

Those who choose to live well must
help others to live well.

The value of a life is measured by the lives it touches


Prakhar said...

Your philosophy and logic is pretty neat..valid points indeed...but over the years I have realized that faith holds different meaning to different people
What appears trivial or illogical to us might have some significance in someone else's might give them solace, which we cant conclude from all these actions.

Again this is only my opinion...might not hold any value to others :D

Anonymous said...

Great Applause Dear!

After all u became the writer & u have grown to think in depth of reality but still with same emotional side!

You know, thats Great!

People do not change but only the way of expression do.

Keep it Up... !!

tanu said...

who is dis?

Kuch Bhi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kuch Bhi said...

Hey wrote sumthing similar but never published it... publishing it today...

Btw very good read...

Chump said...

wow! Glad we have the same thought, but we can't blame people doing those things it's their culture and they grew up doing those things. But you have a point, only if people opens their mind and don't depend on their cultures. :)

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