Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Should I?

slipping from these fingers
or are they slippery instead
falling on these paths
or are they glossy and mess
going away far and distant
are those moments i wanted to cherish all fresh

feet tired of walk and arms broken with cry
havent you noticed pain in these eyes
has d world gone blind
or the mankind lost kindness they harnessed long back time

should i make these roads turn our side
or push those thorns away which are pricking in our eyes
love should havent died, lives forever tales recite
hate subsiding till the end from the start
which should be diminished in d start.

should i do something to kill the mankind
filled of hatred filled of false pride
made of stony heart , made of dirty mind
way of life must be riding some happy bike
smoothly flowing and gently caring our shrines.

should i do something....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lets do something together!

Lets take some steps to dwindle
shining some roses , breathing a song
finding a little rest ,
in between the pillars and chests
creaming the layers, shaping the doors
lying is my life in your hands
....... like some dust and little sand.

Lets walk few miles to share some smiles
forgot those fights makeup days nice and bright
leaves falling on the paths
hiding the turns blind .
lowering myself matching to your sight
maybe am trying to fit in your eyes.

Lets praise few movements
make some happy make some smile
laugh few things out which pierce hearts out.
making these lines i pray for some shade from ur eyes.
looking through the glass i see things so blind
still thinking is it easy to cross or to fright.

Let me wonder whether to shape up d mind
or let this time slip away so fast
like cold wind passed through frozen hands.
mere sight of ur eyes might burn d darkness
and mere flick of it might burn away d brightness i harness.
dnt take so much control of my life darling
that it blows away my present and our past.