Friday, January 18, 2008

Done with the bribes!

Is it true or some dream just glued,
hope it stays or will just blow away,
Maybe am sleeping or maybe am awake
Whatever it is i wish it to be forever the same.

Is it vice or just with a costly price,
Maybe my eyes are fake
else don't believe happiness next to my door,
Whatever i get god make it final to the floor..

Maybe am lost or am found,
Discovered an island which was my home from before.
So many thoughts so many smiles
Stocked to my soul everything so alive.

I wish it comes true
Maybe i was bit lured,
Who cares i love it happening
And wish everyone loves it too..

Days have passed yet so awaited
for the sun to shine and winds to rewind
for the birds to chirp and flowers to bloom
Hope its d start and the end of dead.
Hope love stays forever and so do you.


Gustavo Chaves said...

oh, i love it, congratulations!

tanu said...


thanks a lot...i never expected comment on such crappy poem i wrote just now.

desperado said...

somebody is in happy mood :)
hope it stays forever

interesting title btw ;)
and oh plssssssssss...write more... you are good at it

Kiran said...

refreshing piece! keep it coming frm gwalior.. :)

Keshi said...



tanu said...

Thanks a lot...i thot i have lost my hand on it..but thnku guys u give me energy to write :)'ya i am travelling wid few good days these days !

@kiran from gwl too..which plc in gwl?


Thanks a lot dear.u write very well :)

surajit said...

Nice thoughts....more xpected :)

Anand said...

Was waiting for something since very long on ur blog.. read all your poems,articles since sep2004..Thought u stopped writing but nice to read once more..

tanu said...

thanks a lot surajit and anand. ya i wrote it after a long long break but i think one can never stop writing.

DomeRinger said...

The idea is good and started out well. But you really need to work on the rhyme, rhythm and consistency of the idea. Maybe its the sequences of words that you choose in your sentences which hampers the rhyme.
I say this cause the the way you have expressed the idea is good. You write really well and are clear at expression, but these small flaws really take the charm away at times.