Friday, January 18, 2008

Done with the bribes!

Is it true or some dream just glued,
hope it stays or will just blow away,
Maybe am sleeping or maybe am awake
Whatever it is i wish it to be forever the same.

Is it vice or just with a costly price,
Maybe my eyes are fake
else don't believe happiness next to my door,
Whatever i get god make it final to the floor..

Maybe am lost or am found,
Discovered an island which was my home from before.
So many thoughts so many smiles
Stocked to my soul everything so alive.

I wish it comes true
Maybe i was bit lured,
Who cares i love it happening
And wish everyone loves it too..

Days have passed yet so awaited
for the sun to shine and winds to rewind
for the birds to chirp and flowers to bloom
Hope its d start and the end of dead.
Hope love stays forever and so do you.