Wednesday, November 12, 2008

this is me

i never knew i would write something here instead of my poems:

i came to south and the picture became really clear.i saw unsual things here.and it makes me wonder why why why?

ppl go miles long to meet god and give them money.i find it so stupid ppl lying on grounds and offering money to a stone ... dont they realize money is man made thing...god is so supernatural power...y d hell he needs money? to buy a house or car? so that means when money wasnt invented god wasnt happy wid ppl? they offer god flowers...they kill the flower by plucking it and offer it to the person who gave birth to it... how would a mother feel if u offer her the dead body of her own child?

ppl here offer god hair! now what is it about? god is bald? he will stick hair in head? got gave it as a gift to u...will a mother like a bag of her child's hair as a gift?
for me god is our mother... i think god will be happy if instead of offering flower i plant a tree. instead of giving money in temple i give lunch to my maid's child everyday( not just for one day ). for me god will be happy if instead of going miles to visit temple and getting lost in all the pooja ceremonies when we forget actually whom are we here for , i visit a village and give poor people that money and sit in my room quitely and thank him for giving me these hands and feet so that i can help him make this world a better place not just gift gold in temple.
i would like to collect the oil used to light diya in pooja ghar everyday and give it to a labour family downstairs so they can cook a nice family dinner or maybe dinners for them.
for me god doesnt reside in a single stone kept in a temple 500 kms away. god doesnt reside in a statue covered in gold and silver kept on top of mountain, pond doesnt have god which has hot springs coming out.... god is in the air, god is in my room, god is in hands, he makes me do all the good and bad work...i can find god anywhere anytime.
everyday is good for me because everyday is gifted by god. every color is sacred for me because every color u can find in sunshine. every meal is a prashad for me and taking every breath is a pooja for me because i am confident that god is happy seeing me happy and alive.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Whats d right and whats d wrong,
Lets decide before i start to crawl.
Should i stay on the other side of the path
else will it be some pierced crime?

whats d day and whats d night,
you still want to fill the gap in time?
gone are the moments when we were mine,
time has come to sell my sunshine?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

looks like i hv live soo many lives in so less time
everynew turn shows a new door
looks like its full of happiness
but its hidden wid thorns
takes away 4m me more than it gave.

doors open wide 2 welcome me inside
and i stupidly step inside thinking its worthwile
journey 2 d exit full of crimes
i commit on myself and cry out loud
smoking in d ashes till i reach d other door
it shows me mercy by stepping d other side

at d end hv lost more than i bought
soo empty inside still living dis crime

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Should I?

slipping from these fingers
or are they slippery instead
falling on these paths
or are they glossy and mess
going away far and distant
are those moments i wanted to cherish all fresh

feet tired of walk and arms broken with cry
havent you noticed pain in these eyes
has d world gone blind
or the mankind lost kindness they harnessed long back time

should i make these roads turn our side
or push those thorns away which are pricking in our eyes
love should havent died, lives forever tales recite
hate subsiding till the end from the start
which should be diminished in d start.

should i do something to kill the mankind
filled of hatred filled of false pride
made of stony heart , made of dirty mind
way of life must be riding some happy bike
smoothly flowing and gently caring our shrines.

should i do something....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lets do something together!

Lets take some steps to dwindle
shining some roses , breathing a song
finding a little rest ,
in between the pillars and chests
creaming the layers, shaping the doors
lying is my life in your hands
....... like some dust and little sand.

Lets walk few miles to share some smiles
forgot those fights makeup days nice and bright
leaves falling on the paths
hiding the turns blind .
lowering myself matching to your sight
maybe am trying to fit in your eyes.

Lets praise few movements
make some happy make some smile
laugh few things out which pierce hearts out.
making these lines i pray for some shade from ur eyes.
looking through the glass i see things so blind
still thinking is it easy to cross or to fright.

Let me wonder whether to shape up d mind
or let this time slip away so fast
like cold wind passed through frozen hands.
mere sight of ur eyes might burn d darkness
and mere flick of it might burn away d brightness i harness.
dnt take so much control of my life darling
that it blows away my present and our past.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

As much as i hv known u,i feel these lines reflect u..

Only few words are enough to feel your rhyme,
Some laugh is all you need when you whine,
Life is bare widout some sorrows,
They are yours to feel joy tomorrow.

Strong should be the bridge u sow the seed,
That can fight all the evil weeds.
Eyes should be wise not so weak
They are to love divine and capture those peaks.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Done with the bribes!

Is it true or some dream just glued,
hope it stays or will just blow away,
Maybe am sleeping or maybe am awake
Whatever it is i wish it to be forever the same.

Is it vice or just with a costly price,
Maybe my eyes are fake
else don't believe happiness next to my door,
Whatever i get god make it final to the floor..

Maybe am lost or am found,
Discovered an island which was my home from before.
So many thoughts so many smiles
Stocked to my soul everything so alive.

I wish it comes true
Maybe i was bit lured,
Who cares i love it happening
And wish everyone loves it too..

Days have passed yet so awaited
for the sun to shine and winds to rewind
for the birds to chirp and flowers to bloom
Hope its d start and the end of dead.
Hope love stays forever and so do you.