Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lovely nights

These starry nights,
filled with beautiful skies,
still remind of times
you took me from back by surprise.

Lovely breeze floating on my skin
kissing close to my neck,
where you felt me
and i gloom ed whole night

Trees tonight dancing with the waves
just like the sensations
running through my body
when you wrapped your arms around my shades

Music on the radio playing tonight
sings of the moments
our eyes danced and feathered
touched some hearts and left me mesmerized

Night still rhyming
petals still shining
paths still waiting
and my heart still beating
every breath you take
gives a new life but at stake

Come soon my darling
i wanna go back to start
where you left us
being just together and like never apart!-- Thanks & Regards,Tanu.