Tuesday, March 13, 2007

winds blew away

i was weaving a drape, to take care of me through day and night,i was choosing colors,making it like sunshine.i wove carefully,each thread was the heart of my life,when i showed it to my friends,they said it isnt worthwhile.
i was still weaving the drape,ignoring every criticize,i believed i was right,i was determined i will take this flight.i strolled,gazed,ran,wait ,fall,walked through every fate,it was soo tuff to brake my pride and the drape became my heart.
winds were blowing soo hard,taking every tree every kitei was scared i wont fly by,but the drape hold me tightit gave me warmth it gave me lifeit touched my heart in a way noone on earth would do.
drape was the treasure i kept close to my heart,protected it from every beast,nurtured it by my blood and wineit was getting bigger,taller and smarter,what i didnt know it was growing farther.
it became my life,my soul my prideyears passed and moments stayed forver in these eyes were dreams of that smile.i was happy i was glad,i clould have jumped from a mountain and gave my life,that was only for drape of my life.
when soo much happiness i carried in my eyes,holding i was the love of my life ,winds were strong,sun was burning,trying to kill me anytime.i smiled i had a him but when i turned pieces of my heart were all over the ground,crushed by a stone,burned by an arm,kicked by a eye,trashed by the loveeverythread i cared,i loved,i sewed,was pain in my hearti was blind,i was deaf,am crying am left
somewhere must be the drape i loved i caredsomewhere he remembers my eternal love my tearsam naked am cold,am burning fold by fold,why did i trust why didnt i feared,i couldnt be the one i sweared.

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Shades of Life said...

very touching thoughts...