Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sometimes when u

Sometimes when u forget me
i will sneak over with winds
touch your hands and blow your hair
give u back those memories
when i was there
sometimes when u remember me
i will go so far
you try to fell my hands
but i will be gone in those stars
sometimes when u call me
you will hear some voice
long back it cried calling u soo many times
lost will be that voice
sometimes when u miss me
i will climb in ur heart
lay in ur beats in every touch u please
kiss ur soul and never leave ur shore.


ragupathi said...

nd some times
it s like being fanatic over lov...
anyway nice work in words...

desperado said...

well back here after such a long time
and yeah these words did bring back memories when i visited this space more often..and since you are now back to writing back visiting

Amaryllis said...

Good words.