Wednesday, March 21, 2007


someday i was waiting for that pain
i got when u said my name in disdain
someday was the day i stayed
walked on streets with blooded feets

someday i was crying your name
hoping you care enough to slap me again
someday was that rain
that burned every leave every grain

someday was i lost again
hear your voice and held your hand
someday i heard you breathe again
i walked with you till the road end

someday we were one again
no tears no pain no hurt no shame
someday it was u who walked every way
searched me from hell and took me away.


desperado said...

"some" day it will be :)
i liked your "wimds blew away" post very it many time over..but one thought try not to fear to trust again...i wuld love to read one post about the good times..for the sake of good times :)

tanu said...

thanks a lot !
good times come for such a short period that they doesnt last until i write one!

thanks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

...speechless again ...