Tuesday, November 08, 2005

for me please

for the months i have been missing you,
now i want you to miss me..
for the years i have been dying for you,
now i want u to live for me..
for the days i have been wanting you,
now i desire that u need me...
for the seasons i was dreaming about u,
now i want to be in your dreams..
for few moments i gave up my life,
now i wish u give me few moments..
for few memories i stayed awake whole nights,
now i need you to take care of some lights..
for no reasons i swayed off my heart,
now you please dont play it apart...
for just love i stayed all life long,
now darling nurture that love to make this end a new start!!!!


desperado said...

beautiful piece
n this time u were quick too :)

holding a lot inside haan

but i would suggest why wait for others to give u a new start
you are strong enough to do it yourself.
just give it a try n i guess then
evrythin u want would be yours for the takin.

ruchir said...

Good! You write well!

Abhy said...

Beautiful & Touching!
Nice poems!
Keep up the good work!

desperado said...

well ....i think u have stayed away enough...when r we gettin the next post..:)

Syed Siddique Sharaf said...

nice poem ... mine has a similar taste http://sharaf.blogspot.com/2004/09/dreams-deep-within.html

nice blog

Anonymous said...

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adhishg said...

again very "from the heart"..felt if for you and with you..nice