Sunday, November 06, 2005


give my emotions a key to the door
let me go where am adored
set me free off the shore
give me a choice to choose life of my own.
give me seasons that i fluster on
let me see light across these coulds
set this music beat my heart
give me a chance to have a new start.
give me tears that dont cry anymore
let me burn all those pains i bore
set these feelings to be pure
give me a reason to stay here alone.
give me colours to fill in my life
let me see the brighter side
set these winds on stride
give me a shine to be the star.


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desperado said...

u post after considerable gaps
but with posts such as these i think the wait is worth it.

"give my emotions a key to the door
let me go where am adored"

best place i suggest is :
serendipity -i.e. ur blog :)

Anonymous said...

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Sodium Hydro Phosphate said...

You write very well :)

tanu said...

thanks Sodium!