Tuesday, November 29, 2005

a Song

Take my life,
take me in ur arms tonite,
give me d love,
give me d feel and the touch,
show me dat u care for me
show me d eyes who see me.
let me see u still love me too...
and am luking at nothing but you.

Feel my thirst,
feel that i live jst for u,
see these tears,
see lonely eyes wait for u,
come to me now,
come i'v been crying for u,
let me see u want me too.

Hold me in ur arms,
hold me and feel in my heart,
touch my soul,
touch and see where it belongs,
look in my heart,
look to see for whom it sings song,
let me see u still love me too.
else tell me somethng that kills me too..

Tell me wat you see,
tell me that u jst see me,
and m ur world where u wld love to live,
tell me u jst believe,
tell me that u are for me,
and ur heart still beats 4 me.
And life is colourless widout u...

Let me see u still love me too.
Let me see u still want me too

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

for me please

for the months i have been missing you,
now i want you to miss me..
for the years i have been dying for you,
now i want u to live for me..
for the days i have been wanting you,
now i desire that u need me...
for the seasons i was dreaming about u,
now i want to be in your dreams..
for few moments i gave up my life,
now i wish u give me few moments..
for few memories i stayed awake whole nights,
now i need you to take care of some lights..
for no reasons i swayed off my heart,
now you please dont play it apart...
for just love i stayed all life long,
now darling nurture that love to make this end a new start!!!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005


give my emotions a key to the door
let me go where am adored
set me free off the shore
give me a choice to choose life of my own.
give me seasons that i fluster on
let me see light across these coulds
set this music beat my heart
give me a chance to have a new start.
give me tears that dont cry anymore
let me burn all those pains i bore
set these feelings to be pure
give me a reason to stay here alone.
give me colours to fill in my life
let me see the brighter side
set these winds on stride
give me a shine to be the star.