Saturday, October 15, 2005

let me be free

wana learn to say goodbye
let u go,fly away
make me free of all these boundations
let me be creative within my own salvations.......
wana turn these tears into stone,
which doesnt leave the shore
make dis heart adamantly strong
let me lead my own way along...........
wana push these emotions inside a deep well
which eats up all it gets
make dis love n hate d same
let me keep my memories in a lost safe........
wana cut down all the thorns
stop d bleeding from these wounds
make dis path lil easier to pave
let me take few steps for just my sake.....


desperado said...

welcome back
long brk frm the blog world
but havent lost the power over the words

memories, the more u run away frm them the more they r there

keep a smile on the face :)

Moron said...

i agree wid dhruv... you haven't lost your power over words.. great going!!

and yup.. me serious about closing dat morongospel shop.. certain turn of events made me do it...

btw u in which yr?? my cousin recenty joined JIIT, Noida...