Sunday, October 23, 2005


why is it soo difficult .....
to let ur heart out,
to stop ur feelings shout
to keep in urslf ur wishes attire
to speak out ur desires

why is it soo fascinating ....
to recieve a charming glance
to wait for ur oherhalf
to make ur heart desire
to love a person u admire

why is it soo arduous ...
to confess out feelings in heart
to work out brains when ur heart cries
to burn ur heart and stay apart
to try making an unsuccessful start.

why is it soo difficult....
to live watching ur house drowning in fire

Saturday, October 15, 2005

let me be free

wana learn to say goodbye
let u go,fly away
make me free of all these boundations
let me be creative within my own salvations.......
wana turn these tears into stone,
which doesnt leave the shore
make dis heart adamantly strong
let me lead my own way along...........
wana push these emotions inside a deep well
which eats up all it gets
make dis love n hate d same
let me keep my memories in a lost safe........
wana cut down all the thorns
stop d bleeding from these wounds
make dis path lil easier to pave
let me take few steps for just my sake.....