Monday, July 04, 2005

love is a lie

love is a lie
it betrays u n hurts you wid a knife
makes u bleed till ur last cry
makes ur words false n flies

makes u insane
n leaves u alone in pain
pushes u in a well of despair
makes ur wounds swell open bare

takes ur fame
while u dream of fame u get chained
cut ur wings n leave u disdain
none hears ur cry but see u wid shame

sucks ur happiness n melts ur joy
burns ur desires n dont let u even cry
makes ur life a miserable n in fire
this is love which is a liar


Tarun Nayak said...

I think that "Love is a mirage and oases dont exist" ;)

btw we know sweetness by the sweet taste so frm where did this bitterness came frm :P

gud poem neways...:)

ashish said...

how did u reach to my blog?
it meant to be kept as secret
u write nice poems
what do u do?