Friday, May 13, 2005


Am loosing with the lines,
to make you look behind,
see me in pain,
And am growing insane.
Trying to stop you from flying when am in rain....

Am loosing with the lines,
to tell you how i feel tonite,
am all disdain
And carry my love to show you but you refrain....

Am loosing with the lines,
to please my heart's desire,
Am all broken vein,
calling you again and again
In hope that you reply once but me insane.....

Am loosing with the lines,
to make me feel alive
So i can breathe again and fine
With replenished desires !!


desperado said...

read ur writings
loosing - the worst fear

n not being able to express just the biggest handicap

i have suffered from both
hope u achieve whtever u desire

keep up the gr8 writin

Tarun Nayak said...

gr8 poems ...

Tarun Nayak said...
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Tarun Nayak said...

hey actually i wrote about human nature with respect to the elements.

Actually it is an extension to some thoughts I read long time back :)