Friday, May 13, 2005


Am loosing with the lines,
to make you look behind,
see me in pain,
And am growing insane.
Trying to stop you from flying when am in rain....

Am loosing with the lines,
to tell you how i feel tonite,
am all disdain
And carry my love to show you but you refrain....

Am loosing with the lines,
to please my heart's desire,
Am all broken vein,
calling you again and again
In hope that you reply once but me insane.....

Am loosing with the lines,
to make me feel alive
So i can breathe again and fine
With replenished desires !!


Something is missing from the feelings of fragnance,
Something is gained from the swamps of sadness,
Some laughter is shaken by the fellows with sharpness,
Some tears are borrowed from shells of sea side.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Silence of making our heart abide,
Rules set by mind for fading our lives....

People breaking into houses of fire,
Crushing every ash of burned out desire.....

Notions of preachers spreading on waves,
To kill the mocking bird which was all fake...

Touches of father on son's grave,
To soothe his pain though son's heart ache..

Teachings of hatred adamant in love,
Calling every insane to follow feelings disdain...

While the fleet of ships carrying away our torso,
While souls awaiting our love on shore.
We drove with human abating kisses overflown,
Without the love which was waiting for sure.....

.................feelings unsaid