Monday, January 03, 2005

not just a happening!

Make this love not just a happening,
but an occasion to held life long!
Let these hugs not just give warmth,
but reasons to cuddle along.
Let these talks not just be chantings,
but the reasons to hold every storm.
Let these words not just sleep in memories,
but be sinister that carries us along.
Let these kisses not just be of mere lips,
but the love that makes our every breath strong.
Let these smiles not just fill our days,
but laughter that paves our way prolonged!


Sudhanshu Shekhar said...

Cant say whether you are in love or not....But one thing is certian you have felt it from the deep of your heart.The temptation,the thirst,the ecstasy,the deisre ,the warmth is quite reflective here ..isnt it? You write good,but plz put some depth in your words(plz excuse me for criticizing,but they are not honest with expressing your true call).

Vineet Bhardwaj said...

Hi tanu
this one is gr8 one
hey can u help me out in writting all kind of material. actaully i never get words for it.