Tuesday, January 25, 2005

breathe again

u killed me once,
hit me soo hard,
my every breath bought soo much pain,
still i praised u thou to shed all the grudges n disdain.
and we took time to settle again.

i grew all d love and the faith,
nourished it with time n pertain.
caressed them with beautiful pain.
cared them so that every bond sustains.
and we took time to settle again.

as time passed i counted every refrain,
with joy from every sad chain,
extraced all that i can hiding all the pain,
made us happy to carry on again,
and we took time to settle again.

but u killed me again,
when i have lost all my gain.
nothing left now to soothe my pain,
caress my tears or my danky fears.
but now i might take time to breathe again......


Vaibhav said...

This is excellent peotry! Keep posting!

Moron said...

wow .. a poet appreciating my work!! feels good .. btw excellent poetry!
hey talking about serendipity .. and guess what, I also hail from Delhi and almost took admission in JIIT!! But somehow things worked out differently & I ended up in DA-IICT.

Moron said...

no new poems for a long time .. wassup??