Tuesday, January 25, 2005

breathe again

u killed me once,
hit me soo hard,
my every breath bought soo much pain,
still i praised u thou to shed all the grudges n disdain.
and we took time to settle again.

i grew all d love and the faith,
nourished it with time n pertain.
caressed them with beautiful pain.
cared them so that every bond sustains.
and we took time to settle again.

as time passed i counted every refrain,
with joy from every sad chain,
extraced all that i can hiding all the pain,
made us happy to carry on again,
and we took time to settle again.

but u killed me again,
when i have lost all my gain.
nothing left now to soothe my pain,
caress my tears or my danky fears.
but now i might take time to breathe again......

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


i wana b free,
fly like i had nevcer been..
live my life wid my own dreams,
i wana be free.
i wana stay clean,
without ne sweat ne need,
leave my wings swaying with glee.
i wana be free.
i wana rise high,
without wondering about the heights.
wana kill every plight.
i wana be free.
i wana touch my face,
with all d love n embrace.
kiss like dove n praise my every phrase.
i wana be free.
i wana stroll every season,
with my own made reasons.
float in those silky fleets..
i wana be free!

Monday, January 03, 2005

not just a happening!

Make this love not just a happening,
but an occasion to held life long!
Let these hugs not just give warmth,
but reasons to cuddle along.
Let these talks not just be chantings,
but the reasons to hold every storm.
Let these words not just sleep in memories,
but be sinister that carries us along.
Let these kisses not just be of mere lips,
but the love that makes our every breath strong.
Let these smiles not just fill our days,
but laughter that paves our way prolonged!