Wednesday, December 08, 2004

deeper and deeper in love!

Deeper and Deeper in love
Beginning of eternity,
Touching the moment of this life.
Today I stand with no hie,
Listening to my footsteps,
As they ordain me to confer….
Deeper and deeper in love!

My heart servile of his love,
Kernel of which feeding with touch.
No reasons to think for a step ahead.
Every pulse emanates a season of doves,
And I fly….
Deeper and deeper in love!

Admiring the charm of his captivation,
Capering through the petals,
Frolicking in this dense forest,
With the falling leaves of these austere feelings.
Walking hand in hand, I walk…
Deeper and deeper in love!

My heart getting so warm,
On articulation of his charm.
These occult feelings of his charm,
Deep in a valley and,
My heart always on a song.
He walks along with his affable belong,
Carries me….
Deeper and deeper in love!

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