Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Be in Dreams!

Be in Dreams!
Let these Kisses be in dreams,
where i see you close
holding me for sure,
with all those kisses i adore.
When your touches reach every shore,
when my breath rides on waves, high unsecure,
when you hold my senses and take me,lovely mellows!
when i melt in ur arms
and your love soo barm.
let all this be in dreams..
because its where thoughts dont queer,
with no fear of you going away,
and me staying where you left me wait..
for the night so i can dream
holding you again with preen.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

forgive me

forgive me for the times i told you to wait for a second n kept u waiting for 20 mins..
forgive me for the times when i told you there wont be cold out there and you didnt took your sweater ,but u shivered in cold out there..
forgive me for the times when i told u that its shortcut but it opened up in some other world ..
forgive me for the times when i ordered spunky dish saying its the one u wil like d most but u cld hardely ate it...
forgive me for the times when i told you i wil return in saturday whn u kept waiting for me and i returned on monday..
forgive me for the times when i kept u walking miles whne u were starving for a nice resturant which was closed...
forgive me for the times when i bought teras in your eyes saying that u dont love me..
forgive me for the times when i stopped you from kissing me saying it isnt right then when it was perfect to..
forgive me for the times when i said sorry soo many times while you wanted to hear 'i love you'...
forgive me for saying these 'forgive me'(s) soo many times whne u dont wana hear them...
forgive me for every tear i brought into your eyes..
forgive me for everytime i put your heart on ache..
forgive me for not loving you the way i should..
forgive me for loving you soo much that makes me cry over and over again.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

deeper and deeper in love!

Deeper and Deeper in love
Beginning of eternity,
Touching the moment of this life.
Today I stand with no hie,
Listening to my footsteps,
As they ordain me to confer….
Deeper and deeper in love!

My heart servile of his love,
Kernel of which feeding with touch.
No reasons to think for a step ahead.
Every pulse emanates a season of doves,
And I fly….
Deeper and deeper in love!

Admiring the charm of his captivation,
Capering through the petals,
Frolicking in this dense forest,
With the falling leaves of these austere feelings.
Walking hand in hand, I walk…
Deeper and deeper in love!

My heart getting so warm,
On articulation of his charm.
These occult feelings of his charm,
Deep in a valley and,
My heart always on a song.
He walks along with his affable belong,
Carries me….
Deeper and deeper in love!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Am lost...

Am lost with the words,
to explain you the meaning of my love..
am lost with the touch,
to caress these feelings like a dove....
am lost with the stand,
to touch my feet with the land....
am lost with the time,
to make my love divine!