Tuesday, October 19, 2004

holding past!

Holding past

Once upon a time,
Sitting in my own hide,
Thinking about the past…
Poison of sorrow drenched my every part,
Air of sadness, touched my every length.

Losing with my heart,
I was thinking soo fast,
Soo deep it was,sucking me to drown,
Also I was not trying to hold my own.

Throwing some stones in the river,
Trying to throw my pain,
I was thinking of past and then it rained.
Cool breeze blew and hit me hard,
That’s when I woke,
But alas all was then vain.
I found in my hand,
Some of left stone were gold without a pretend.

Lost my present and my future,
When I was trying to reacall my past,
This in every present changes its cast.



azure said...

hii...luvd these lines...
"Throwing some stones in the river,
Trying to throw my pain,...."

Prasoon said...

Really good piece of writing..
Seems like a mirror to everyone's life.
Keep yourself posted.