Monday, October 11, 2004



Today sitting besides this shore,
My feels are breathing on my own.
The moon has somewhere aggravated,
But frolicking tides of happiness are emancipated.
Intractably rising high,
Am happy to be alive!

Smell of the sand is breathing me in,
Feel of the water is floating me swim.
Daubing colors of joy across the sky,
Shores conferring waves for a vivacious height.
Am happy to be alive!!

Going high in the sky,
Also keeping track of my flight.
Having all the strive,
To make my every step rationalize.
Reveling in every pulse of time,
Gazing into sun’s eye,
Am happy to be alive!!!

Adamant for every joy,
Abating are all the cries.
Pennon standing firm in the sky,
Insignia of my journey through life.
My mirth captivating my every reclaims,
Am happy to be alive!!!!



azure said...

wow yaar!!!i really love this 1!!!its so beautiful!u shud seriously think of getting it published somewhere...else i'll get it done;-)

Rahul said...

Found lotsa ways to articulate.. n of corz loadsa new words :P

sidharth said...

this one is really good even better than your last poem..