Tuesday, October 19, 2004

miss me?

miss me?
Dont miss me when am not there,
miss me when love isn't in air.
Miss me when lovely thoughts dispair,
only miss me when touches betrayl.

all together again

ur hold when i shake,
ur touch whn i break,
makes me alive,
all together again!

ur love when i segregate,
ur strength when i miserate,
makes me possess,
my every reclaims!

ur arms whn m about 2 fall,
ur kiss when am about to drown,
renews my breath ,
with all the jest!!!
ur love when am in trouble,
ur assurance when things r rubble,
gives me a sway,
to pave my way....makes me alive ,
all together again!!

holding past!

Holding past

Once upon a time,
Sitting in my own hide,
Thinking about the past…
Poison of sorrow drenched my every part,
Air of sadness, touched my every length.

Losing with my heart,
I was thinking soo fast,
Soo deep it was,sucking me to drown,
Also I was not trying to hold my own.

Throwing some stones in the river,
Trying to throw my pain,
I was thinking of past and then it rained.
Cool breeze blew and hit me hard,
That’s when I woke,
But alas all was then vain.
I found in my hand,
Some of left stone were gold without a pretend.

Lost my present and my future,
When I was trying to reacall my past,
This in every present changes its cast.

Mom’s love!

When the time fades,
All the paths become vague,
When I shake in every step I take,
Every bond I make breaks,
My mom’s love carries me,
To pave my way!

When forests become dense,
And light gets dim;
When the pain is immense,
And hopes get evanescence,
My mom’s hand cares me,
And hold me in every sense!

When bad thoughts invade me,
When dark clouds surround me;
then thrust of peace sucks me,
And am without any ease,
My mom’s touch liven me,
And her kiss brightens me again & again!

Monday, October 11, 2004



Today sitting besides this shore,
My feels are breathing on my own.
The moon has somewhere aggravated,
But frolicking tides of happiness are emancipated.
Intractably rising high,
Am happy to be alive!

Smell of the sand is breathing me in,
Feel of the water is floating me swim.
Daubing colors of joy across the sky,
Shores conferring waves for a vivacious height.
Am happy to be alive!!

Going high in the sky,
Also keeping track of my flight.
Having all the strive,
To make my every step rationalize.
Reveling in every pulse of time,
Gazing into sun’s eye,
Am happy to be alive!!!

Adamant for every joy,
Abating are all the cries.
Pennon standing firm in the sky,
Insignia of my journey through life.
My mirth captivating my every reclaims,
Am happy to be alive!!!!


Sunday, October 03, 2004

ur thoughts when u r gone

ur thoughts when you are gone!

Music ,when soft voices die,
vibrates in the memory;
Odours,when sweet violets sicken,
live within the scene they quicken.
Rose leaves ,when the rose is dead,
are heaped for the beloved's bed;
And so your thoughts,when you are gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.

sand clinging 2 feet

I am forever walking upon these shore,
betwix the sun and the foam,
the high tide will erase my foot prints,
and the wind will blow away the foam,
but the sea and sore will remain forver....