Thursday, September 30, 2004

you didn't

you didn't

Remeber the day i borrowed your brand new car and i dented it?i thought you'd kill me but you didn't.
Remeber the day i dargged you to the beach and u said it woul'd rain and it did?i thoght you'd say "i told you so," but you didn't.
Do you remeber the time i flirted with all the guys to make you jealous and you were.i thought you'd leave me.But you didn't.
And remember the time i forget to tell you the dance was formal and you showed up in jeans?i thought you'd drop me.But you didn't.
There were lots of things you didn't do.but you loved me and you protected me.
there were lots of things i wanted to make up to you when ypou returned.But you didn't.


ww said...

every moment of life ..once gone never comes back!same way some people when gone ...never come is..take a while to think..who are all around u, for whoom u will cry whenevr they will leave u. Just get hold of them let not them go away...
may be he is also thinking of u ...but there is no way he can come back ...and no way, u can call him back, even if u want..even if he wants!

azure said...

hey chillax!!this is jst an article...nothing serious ;-)

tanu said...

hi ww,
thanks a lot.well i wld love 2 knw who u r?

ww said...
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Ankur said...

i'd already written a lot in appreciation of this particular piece...but its beauty is simply mesemerisin..that i feel like writing it is..this one ...i simply loved true things looked...was really a lovely effusion!!