Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Be in Dreams!

Be in Dreams!
Let these Kisses be in dreams,
where i see you close
holding me for sure,
with all those kisses i adore.
When your touches reach every shore,
when my breath rides on waves, high unsecure,
when you hold my senses and take me,lovely mellows!
when i melt in ur arms
and your love soo barm.
let all this be in dreams..
because its where thoughts dont queer,
with no fear of you going away,
and me staying where you left me wait..
for the night so i can dream
holding you again with preen.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

forgive me

forgive me for the times i told you to wait for a second n kept u waiting for 20 mins..
forgive me for the times when i told you there wont be cold out there and you didnt took your sweater ,but u shivered in cold out there..
forgive me for the times when i told u that its shortcut but it opened up in some other world ..
forgive me for the times when i ordered spunky dish saying its the one u wil like d most but u cld hardely ate it...
forgive me for the times when i told you i wil return in saturday whn u kept waiting for me and i returned on monday..
forgive me for the times when i kept u walking miles whne u were starving for a nice resturant which was closed...
forgive me for the times when i bought teras in your eyes saying that u dont love me..
forgive me for the times when i stopped you from kissing me saying it isnt right then when it was perfect to..
forgive me for the times when i said sorry soo many times while you wanted to hear 'i love you'...
forgive me for saying these 'forgive me'(s) soo many times whne u dont wana hear them...
forgive me for every tear i brought into your eyes..
forgive me for everytime i put your heart on ache..
forgive me for not loving you the way i should..
forgive me for loving you soo much that makes me cry over and over again.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

deeper and deeper in love!

Deeper and Deeper in love
Beginning of eternity,
Touching the moment of this life.
Today I stand with no hie,
Listening to my footsteps,
As they ordain me to confer….
Deeper and deeper in love!

My heart servile of his love,
Kernel of which feeding with touch.
No reasons to think for a step ahead.
Every pulse emanates a season of doves,
And I fly….
Deeper and deeper in love!

Admiring the charm of his captivation,
Capering through the petals,
Frolicking in this dense forest,
With the falling leaves of these austere feelings.
Walking hand in hand, I walk…
Deeper and deeper in love!

My heart getting so warm,
On articulation of his charm.
These occult feelings of his charm,
Deep in a valley and,
My heart always on a song.
He walks along with his affable belong,
Carries me….
Deeper and deeper in love!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Am lost...

Am lost with the words,
to explain you the meaning of my love..
am lost with the touch,
to caress these feelings like a dove....
am lost with the stand,
to touch my feet with the land....
am lost with the time,
to make my love divine!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

melting soul!

Melting soul

Chanting were old memories,
In the crevice of my heart;
Burning was the sensation,
As I broke in many parts!

Sorting every thought,
I ran out, of every correct step;
Reaching towards the end,
Where none of happening,
Was my friend!

My soul melted,
And I drowned in salty tears,
As I left myself,
In a dungeon full of nasty fears!

But still surviving,
Breathing in this horrifying race;
Holding my breath
Trying to make few things and some pace!

Pieces of my broken heart,
I glued together;
Stitched my faith and fasten up every feather,
But those cracks were there,
Which I couldn’t hide forever!


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

miss me?

miss me?
Dont miss me when am not there,
miss me when love isn't in air.
Miss me when lovely thoughts dispair,
only miss me when touches betrayl.

all together again

ur hold when i shake,
ur touch whn i break,
makes me alive,
all together again!

ur love when i segregate,
ur strength when i miserate,
makes me possess,
my every reclaims!

ur arms whn m about 2 fall,
ur kiss when am about to drown,
renews my breath ,
with all the jest!!!
ur love when am in trouble,
ur assurance when things r rubble,
gives me a sway,
to pave my way....makes me alive ,
all together again!!

holding past!

Holding past

Once upon a time,
Sitting in my own hide,
Thinking about the past…
Poison of sorrow drenched my every part,
Air of sadness, touched my every length.

Losing with my heart,
I was thinking soo fast,
Soo deep it was,sucking me to drown,
Also I was not trying to hold my own.

Throwing some stones in the river,
Trying to throw my pain,
I was thinking of past and then it rained.
Cool breeze blew and hit me hard,
That’s when I woke,
But alas all was then vain.
I found in my hand,
Some of left stone were gold without a pretend.

Lost my present and my future,
When I was trying to reacall my past,
This in every present changes its cast.

Mom’s love!

When the time fades,
All the paths become vague,
When I shake in every step I take,
Every bond I make breaks,
My mom’s love carries me,
To pave my way!

When forests become dense,
And light gets dim;
When the pain is immense,
And hopes get evanescence,
My mom’s hand cares me,
And hold me in every sense!

When bad thoughts invade me,
When dark clouds surround me;
then thrust of peace sucks me,
And am without any ease,
My mom’s touch liven me,
And her kiss brightens me again & again!

Monday, October 11, 2004



Today sitting besides this shore,
My feels are breathing on my own.
The moon has somewhere aggravated,
But frolicking tides of happiness are emancipated.
Intractably rising high,
Am happy to be alive!

Smell of the sand is breathing me in,
Feel of the water is floating me swim.
Daubing colors of joy across the sky,
Shores conferring waves for a vivacious height.
Am happy to be alive!!

Going high in the sky,
Also keeping track of my flight.
Having all the strive,
To make my every step rationalize.
Reveling in every pulse of time,
Gazing into sun’s eye,
Am happy to be alive!!!

Adamant for every joy,
Abating are all the cries.
Pennon standing firm in the sky,
Insignia of my journey through life.
My mirth captivating my every reclaims,
Am happy to be alive!!!!


Sunday, October 03, 2004

ur thoughts when u r gone

ur thoughts when you are gone!

Music ,when soft voices die,
vibrates in the memory;
Odours,when sweet violets sicken,
live within the scene they quicken.
Rose leaves ,when the rose is dead,
are heaped for the beloved's bed;
And so your thoughts,when you are gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.

sand clinging 2 feet

I am forever walking upon these shore,
betwix the sun and the foam,
the high tide will erase my foot prints,
and the wind will blow away the foam,
but the sea and sore will remain forver....

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Emotions does not travel in a straight line.like water ,our feelings tickle down through cracks and crevices,seeking out their own little niches and pockets.these manifest themselves into relationships that would never ever see the light of day,and would continue to exsist forvever in shadows.
suc relationships are like orbiting twin stars,one visible and other not,the trajectory of that which is evident affected foreve by the gravity of that which is not.

......piece from a lovely article in toi

its u!

its you!
you chose to talk to me
expecting to have my ears.
u chose to walk with me
expecting me to walk along.
now you chose not to talk to me,
expecting no question from me.
now you chose to stay away from me,
expecting i shouldn't wonder!!
whatever you chose is good for you,
and you always think,
whatever u chose is good for me too!!

you didn't

you didn't

Remeber the day i borrowed your brand new car and i dented it?i thought you'd kill me but you didn't.
Remeber the day i dargged you to the beach and u said it woul'd rain and it did?i thoght you'd say "i told you so," but you didn't.
Do you remeber the time i flirted with all the guys to make you jealous and you were.i thought you'd leave me.But you didn't.
And remember the time i forget to tell you the dance was formal and you showed up in jeans?i thought you'd drop me.But you didn't.
There were lots of things you didn't do.but you loved me and you protected me.
there were lots of things i wanted to make up to you when ypou returned.But you didn't.