Tuesday, June 07, 2016


when you tired down,
when your tears stop flowing but pain still subsides
when your hands tremble with the fear undefined,
remember my sweet darling
you been through lot more than this tide.

when your love betrays you hard
when you never thought this day will become a lonely start
when your heart hurts & you just fall apart
remember my sweetheart
this can be a new start.

when the season doesnt seems to end
when the door knocks can all you think
when the phone doesnt ring with call you hoped
remember honey one day this ache will be done.

dreams come & dreams go,
path change and heart aches
all go and come someday or sometime
remember girl this is just life playing sweet cards.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

holding on

I stop dreaming and start trying to live...
i stop hoping and start trying to see..
open my eyes to the world real in front of me.
i faced the storms, i faced the winds,
twisted and turned the faces on my side.
just wanted to walk on a path i know shall bring love in everyones lives.
i betrayed i demolished,
things got broken, sands became wet..
still am alive sailing through the seas
looking for an island looking for some peace
hidden somewhere in these trees is the love long gone by.
am i right am i wrong everyone seems to know,
except me who is going by.
waiting for the day when m more loved than hated,
when m more happy than sad
when people stop holding my wind while am trying to sail..
when i see happiness around me in flash of the lights...

Friday, September 25, 2015

the wind

your fragrance takes me back into my life,
where the winds were cool and breeze was warm..
you took me back to days where i felt i was mine.
i lived the moments again which i thought were lost far awide
i close my eyes to make these my lifetime
as long as am lost this fragrance shall keep me alive

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Western Sky

the love, the determination , the passion..what carries us onto the roads...
unconscious do we walk or the strong passion fades everything away.
we wonder about the virtues,
or we are just fulfilling the destiny of these moments.
i lay wondering beneath the dark blue sky,
reaching for a shadow that seems closer than it had ever passed by.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a love that was lost and love i never had
a passion a care a jealousy an affair
all the seasons go by ...
but the questions remain in my safe
is it me or just a phase...

we do things which are never to be done,
we say words which are never to be uttered...
we see moments which are never to be mentioned...
we are the humans full of secrets and sorrws

we have habbits which are indispencible
we live in a world with dos and donts...
but still we brake rules and cross boundaries
we shake & tremble full of regrets and fear

we r the humans of mistakes & flaws...
and i am a human from same race
i see by my window wondering the things i have done
wondering the decisions i never tried to make..
bt makes me neither sad nor glad

Monday, October 22, 2012


This flowing water, Tells me to stop,
take a moment of breath and flow just along.
my confidence shaking up, i am scared to jump n dive,
can i let go of all the beliefs i had till now bind.

i can just stop thinking & trust its song,
so beautiful as it sounds,
like a simplified yet strong.

i need a moment but there is no time,
once it get shallow i might not even drown.
should i put on my googles or should the salt wash down my eyes,
should i take a moment to stand n decide.

its all so confusing, its all full of speed.
maybe that what i need, to be washed down a stream.
i see some happy people, or are they crying,
you can find out when you have salt in your eyes.

this is just a water dont think so hard,
you need to just drown to lift the world higher.

softness of souls

Sometimes When i close my eyes,
i can just dream about my plight.
you came so close, you went so far,
was it so easy to tear the tears apart.
I still smile with your eyes,
i still cry with my soul.
you stay so far and so close.

I forgive you for staying in my heart,
forever and ever we can be apart.
were you so real or were my eyes just close,
who was it that broke me when when i was alone.

i want to have those moments ,
i want to live it back,
the ones i had or the ones i dreamed.
this is the illusion i can never be able to solve.
those love were the love i once never had.

i slowly open my eyes, & this ground touch my feet,
until then i never knew it was a rocky weed.
my memories are fainted, my dreams are glmooy,
i want back the life i had once in my hand.

when i smile today at my love,
i gain back those stars,
which once i though, have lost their charm.
life goes on, or it never belongs,
this soul is just a piece of ash flying along.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sands of time flowing from my hands,
I see in your eyes our love divine,
Will this love also vanish or keep shining like this sun
Sometimes i wonder when everything will be just sand under this sun.

Monday, September 05, 2011

I still...

tears flow down from these eyes,
see you taking a far off ride,
you made me laugh you made me cry,
you made me into a fragile piece of glass but dry
when you held me in your arms,
things were so right,
we used to laugh and fight everything but shy,
now when you are too close to me,
even a hard touch from you,
shatter me into many peices,
hard to gather by.
I still smile for you,
hoping of the hopes to be in your arms again,
shouting the word love loud enough for my heart to hear,
give me some strength that i can stand for you,
you can see me all smile everything except cry.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

life sees drifting apart,
feelings seem fading the hearts,
i will hold u tight until this storm subsides,
may this sand slipping from feet rise and shine....

i gave u my heart to keep with care,
not to share with strangers scare.....
ur love seems to be blurred, your care looks small,
where u walking to my darling ,
is not the island we found.
you come back to me , i will keep waiting,
only until my senses goes in raining.
you had my trust you have it now.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes these feeling become short of my words,
Sometimes my hand just slips from yours,
When u smile at me, I am sometimes looking in the sky
sometimes u call me but I don´t hear your voice...
but everything becomes fine after a while...
When I look in your eyes, give you a smile...
hold your hand walkover those sometimes.

Sometimes you wonder whats troubling me,
sometimes you see me cry and wonder why..
sometimes you catch me wandering alone for a while..
but when you take me in your arms,
everything falls into place again for a lifetime.

these moments you see me with sometimes
are the moments i live and die sometimes...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Dream

A house on a beach,
would be a dream to see
will hold our hands and walk on the sands,
sit on the rocks and watch those waves run.

Each day we can sing our songs,
and water will applaud,
and sands smile and show their charm.

Little by little water shall rise,
from our toes to our feet to our hands it reaches,
our faces would glow,our eyes would glitter,
with the coldness of water
our hearts get closer together.

When we step on floor each morning,
sands would welcome the day with shine so charming,
you see in my eyes the urge to splash the sea,
float ourselves into lovely endless beach.

The evenings would be not just calm,
with the waves slowly melting hard times,
your hand in mine would be my only possession.
While we watch the endless love of water and the sand.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To my Dear Diary....

Dear Diary,

Thanks for being by my side. This is for you .....

at the times of misery , betrayl and distress,
its only my diary who stays as my friend.
i hue and cry, wet you with my tears,
i smash your pages with anger and fear.

at the times when am happy, glad with joy,
i forget you in my drawer,leave you alone wet in my shower.
i jump out of sucess,i rhyme with other songs,
i dont think that u might be lonely waiting to be in my arms.

at the times when am hurt by the loved ones of my life,
you call me so sweetly and stay close by my side.
i tell you half of my stories full of pain and compalints,
still you dear diary you dont walk away.

at the times i dont see you for days together,
my life feels happy but i know its incomplete.
my loved ones dont like you because you are my only trust,
dont worry my diary i owe you my life.

Friday, February 05, 2010

you left me behind, walked off like you were never mine,
you shrugged ur shoulders , swiped your things,
you never knew my darling, how heart broken i am being.
things which dont matter to you , pinch deep inside my heart,
i wish you can understand how lonely am into peices apart.

i wish....

i wish i could have a eraser to vanish evils out of my life,
i wish i had few pencils to draw out people whom i miss,
i wish i carried nice colors to fill my sad moods,
i wish i commanded winds to dry off my tears,
i wish there was a time everyday full of cheers.

life becomes so complex everythng gets tangaled up,
i wish i could just not care at the problems with no fear,
everyone asks so many questions, people carry so much ego,
i wish i could still get my sleep like my heart is crystal clear.
sometimes you fight with me and leave me alone,
i wish i could forget the hurt and get you back in arms my dear.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Few words From my heart.

Life can blow even while u sailing smooth,
It can hit you hard even if u cover up in shell,
Things can become dramatic in between sudden romance,
Without u knowing your heart can be torn pieces by any chance!

You keep on planning ur life ahead,
But what may come to you my dear mite be oceans apart!
I took so many steps to cover up these roads,
When I Hit the rock I relaised my only eyes were also closed.
Running swiftly doing chores carrying my loads,
I was walking towards my destination but reached to the start!
Can someone tell me what i have sown,
Is it this dreadness or my life that seems miles apart!
After living so many years God made me realize,
what i carry in hands is not my life but just the sand!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this world is a lonely place to be in,
so many roads so many towns,
so many people so many relationships,
still it leaves scars and bruses and cuts
of broken heart and shattered dreams,
it has all which i m not in for....

city and rains, cycles,buses and trains,
still am dry with tired feet walking on and on..
festivals and celebrations, birthdays and ocassions,
but this soul is empty like it never was.
this world is a lonely place to be in
but i have no option but just to live through it...

looks like day bright with a sun,
but it feels like a desert with no one but none.
its a struggle which everyone fights,
who ever looses fights this life.
what have i sown to get all this ripen sorrow,
i look more for my share because i guess someone has just borrowed.

Monday, July 06, 2009

tears fall from heaven drowned into hell,
life has become a misery gng on all the time,
where shld i stay, tell me wheres the fray?
its so much confusion, its a total chaos,
where have i landed , it was suppose to be a hell turned in heaven
but its like everyone is everyone's prey.

blood is a fusion of thrust and pain,
parts of my body lying on street,
waiting for someone to take away these chains.
give them some life , breathe them some air,
everything will soon corrode into ashes.
then there will be my only gain.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life without Love

every step u are walking away from me,
Is every pulse of my life you are taking away with u.

every curve of the road u following so smoothly,
Has the very speed of flight you are crushing away my heart.

Slowly your words are drifting away from me,
echoing very love you always spoke to me.

You stepping each moment to walk towards the light,
leaving behind every second full of dark sight.

Everytime you pull an umbrella in a rain,
remember my darling it will be ur love crying loud for life.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Understand me like you understand your heartbeats,
trust me like you trust your sleep,
love me like you love your creations,
and be with me like I reside in your self.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

this is me

i never knew i would write something here instead of my poems:

i came to south and the picture became really clear.i saw unsual things here.and it makes me wonder why why why?

ppl go miles long to meet god and give them money.i find it so stupid ppl lying on grounds and offering money to a stone ... dont they realize money is man made thing...god is so supernatural power...y d hell he needs money? to buy a house or car? so that means when money wasnt invented god wasnt happy wid ppl? they offer god flowers...they kill the flower by plucking it and offer it to the person who gave birth to it... how would a mother feel if u offer her the dead body of her own child?

ppl here offer god hair! now what is it about? god is bald? he will stick hair in head? got gave it as a gift to u...will a mother like a bag of her child's hair as a gift?
for me god is our mother... i think god will be happy if instead of offering flower i plant a tree. instead of giving money in temple i give lunch to my maid's child everyday( not just for one day ). for me god will be happy if instead of going miles to visit temple and getting lost in all the pooja ceremonies when we forget actually whom are we here for , i visit a village and give poor people that money and sit in my room quitely and thank him for giving me these hands and feet so that i can help him make this world a better place not just gift gold in temple.
i would like to collect the oil used to light diya in pooja ghar everyday and give it to a labour family downstairs so they can cook a nice family dinner or maybe dinners for them.
for me god doesnt reside in a single stone kept in a temple 500 kms away. god doesnt reside in a statue covered in gold and silver kept on top of mountain, pond doesnt have god which has hot springs coming out.... god is in the air, god is in my room, god is in hands, he makes me do all the good and bad work...i can find god anywhere anytime.
everyday is good for me because everyday is gifted by god. every color is sacred for me because every color u can find in sunshine. every meal is a prashad for me and taking every breath is a pooja for me because i am confident that god is happy seeing me happy and alive.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Whats d right and whats d wrong,
Lets decide before i start to crawl.
Should i stay on the other side of the path
else will it be some pierced crime?

whats d day and whats d night,
you still want to fill the gap in time?
gone are the moments when we were mine,
time has come to sell my sunshine?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

looks like i hv live soo many lives in so less time
everynew turn shows a new door
looks like its full of happiness
but its hidden wid thorns
takes away 4m me more than it gave.

doors open wide 2 welcome me inside
and i stupidly step inside thinking its worthwile
journey 2 d exit full of crimes
i commit on myself and cry out loud
smoking in d ashes till i reach d other door
it shows me mercy by stepping d other side

at d end hv lost more than i bought
soo empty inside still living dis crime

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Should I?

slipping from these fingers
or are they slippery instead
falling on these paths
or are they glossy and mess
going away far and distant
are those moments i wanted to cherish all fresh

feet tired of walk and arms broken with cry
havent you noticed pain in these eyes
has d world gone blind
or the mankind lost kindness they harnessed long back time

should i make these roads turn our side
or push those thorns away which are pricking in our eyes
love should havent died, lives forever tales recite
hate subsiding till the end from the start
which should be diminished in d start.

should i do something to kill the mankind
filled of hatred filled of false pride
made of stony heart , made of dirty mind
way of life must be riding some happy bike
smoothly flowing and gently caring our shrines.

should i do something....